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August, I guess?

Holy shit y'all- it's almost August! You know what that means, right?


I'm joking... kind of. While it's true that we are only 5 months away from celebrating capitalist propaganda and Santa's exceptional B&E skills, we still have a whole lot of life & such to get through before that happens. Read on for updates, events, & opinions that may or may not matter to you. Also memes, maybe. But no promises.


July Round Up

Thanks to everyone who showed up to BOTH of our Canada Day events; aside from the weather not totally co-operating at the end of the day, and the wind blowing our display shelf over and shattering it everywhere, and the sun melting half our stock, we had a blast seeing so many familiar faces, and meeting new friends too!

Our first run of stickers was a success, and we just received our new designs! Keep an eye on our socials for some sneak peeks of those coming soon, and tell us what you'd like to see next! We also soft-launched our newest scent and will be adding it into permanent rotation over the next while.

A huge thank-you to everyone who has supported our Kitty fund; we were able to take him to the vet and get the information we needed. I'll make a Kitty-specific update soon, but this is a very hard process for our family and one we are navigating slowly.


July 28th, 4-10pm

Calgary Night Market - 917 Centre Ave NE, Bridgeland Riverside Community

July 29th, 11am-7pm

Inglewood Sunfest - 9 Ave SE (between 11 & 14th street), Inglewood

**We will be updating our August calendar soon. Stay tuned for new market & event announcements.



I got the opportunity to create another soap set for one of my best clients, this time space-themed with a glowing surprise! I used a Glow-In-The-Dark body-safe cosmetic ingredient to create some galactic effects in the planets & stars.

Take a look through the slideshow above to see the beautiful photos taken by Trophy Husby himself and let me know what you think!


Is that it? I think that's it... Who even knows anymore? Time is a flat circle.

Anyways. At least I get to cross "write pointless blog post" off my never-ending list- that's a win I suppose. Oh! And Trophy Husby and I get to celebrate 3 years of marriage on the 8th! Which really means we'll grab some fancy beers, play a boardgame, and get some sleep for our very early flight to Ontario the morning after. Ahhh, wedded bliss.

As always,

Stay Loose Silly Goose,

Khira & The Indecent Soap Co Family

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