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New Year, Same Bullshit

Hello & Happy New Year Friends!

Am I the only one still reeling from how fast 2022 flew by? I'm supposed to be planning the upcoming year- instead I'm serving #SmallBizBurnout realness the entire month of January. The shattered ankle doesn't help.

Ohhhh yes. I broke my ankle.

A Trimalleolar Fracture, to be specific.

On New Year's Day.

And what thrillingly dangerous activity was I participating in at the time of The Incident, you ask? What could have caused me, completely sober on a sunny day in Banff, to sustain such a terrible injury?

Walking. 🫠 Or failing spectacularly at walking, rather. Of course it was icy; I wasn't the only person to take a tumble. But I definitely was the only person bragging about having mountain goat-like skills on rough terrain immediately prior.

After an hour-ish of waiting for EMS (& then Fire Rescue- because why not), I was finally transported to the hospital & the rest is what you'd expect. Props to the staff at Banff Hospital though; we were back at the hotel in under 3 hours!

Surgery happened on the 8th & I've got a follow-up next week, so it's a waiting game now.

ANYWAY... We wanted to thank everyone for the incredible love & support over the past year. Goals were smashed, big decisions were made, and many tears were shed in 2022; And it's all because of this awesome community of supporters & friends. Y'all are so fucking rad.

We've got lots of exciting things coming that we can't wait to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled for updates and cat pics! In the meantime, I'll be hibernating. Much love!


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