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Middle Finger | Holographic Glitter Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

Middle Finger | Holographic Glitter Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

Our best-selling soap in now in sticker form! AND GLITTERY!!! Using the Almost Famous colourway on high-quality waterproof vinyl, this sticker is the perfect addition to your waterbottle, laptop, stickerbook, or annoying co-worker's car.  Because sometimes saying it with glitter is way more fun! Packed with enough sparkle to blind any negativity and enough attitude to make your message crystal clear, this sticker is your go-to for those moments when words just won't cut it. Perfect for adding a touch of sass to any surface or situation. So, stick it where the sun don't shine, flick a metaphorical finger at life's annoyances, and let this sticker be your sparkling rebellion.

Warning: May cause sudden outbreaks of laughter and an irresistible urge to sass back.


2.7" x 1.5" Waterproof Holographic Glitter Vinyl

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