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Salt Soak

Salt Soak

Tired? Sore? Sick of the constant bullshit?

Take a bath with us!


Sitting in a hot tub of your own "Filth Soup" is scientifically proven to feel much more disgusting when referred to as "Filth Soup." Combat that silly science with Indecent Salt Soaks! Not only will you smell AMAZING, you'll feel great too!


Our soaks are made wih 100% Canadian Epsom Salts, the benefits of which include reduced swelling & inflammation in the muscles and joints, exfoliation of rough skin, & even headache relief. As an added bonus, no one is allowed to talk to you while you're bathing. That's a real rule we just made up.

  • Scent/Color Options


    1. Heatwave

    • Orange & Yellow. Musk, Orange, Cloves, Leather, Tobacco.

    2. CandyLand

    • Pink & Blue. Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Saltwater Taffy

    3. Tropical Volcano

    • Pink & Yellow. Juicy, Fruity, Fresh.

    4. Deserted Island

    • Blue & Yellow. Coconut, Sea Salt, Tropical Lily.

    5. Almost Famous

    • Blue & Purple w/ Shimmer. Musk, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Bergamot.
  • Important Information

    To get the most out of your soap, keep it dry when not in use & store in a cool, dark place.

    Moisten & lather over skin to gently cleanse. For sanitary reasons, bath & body products are not eligible for Returns or Exchanges. Please contact us immediately regarding quality concerns or issues.

    For external use only, do not consume.

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