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Wash Away The DNA Bloody Bar Soap

Wash Away The DNA Bloody Bar Soap

True Crime: The Privileged White Woman's Escape.

Scents: Black Cherry Merlot or Unscented



  • 85% of the TC audience is women, with 73% identifying as white.
  • White victims are 50% more likely to be named in press coverage.
  • POC victims are 76% more likely to be represented with information regarding their social/economic status, past criminal history, and lifestyle that supports the justification of their victimization.
  • Most TC content is published WITHOUT CONSENT from the victims & their loved ones, and only serves to capitalize off horrors experienced by other people.
  • LGBTQ+ persons are 60% more likely to be victims of violent crime.



    Pre-Order for Spooky Season! (Ships FREE by September 15th!)
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