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Ready... Set... SUMMER!

'Sup Bubblesluts?


Is anyone else in full Summer Mode™ yet? We certainly are!

Read on for your monthly info-dump of all things Indecent; including exciting event information, product sneak-peeks, and news of the world we want to share with you!


Products & Promotions

June is turning out to be a wild month, & we've only just begun. All the Tester Packs have been dispatched to my brave #ProductPioneers, and we are casually aiming for September to launch our new products; just in time for the holidays. Keep your eyeballs peeled & locked on us to stay in the loop!


RIP Kitty (almost)

We've also learned that our Senior Assistant Kitty is due for a vet visit, & we have a suspish that it may be his last. He's old as fuck (19) and getting weaker by the day. He struggles to eat, and his hind legs are giving out more often than ever before. What makes it worse is that mentally, he's still there. He's bright & cheerful & wants so badly to be as active as he was before. It's devastating to see his body not be able to keep up with his kitten-like playfulness.

For anyone that knows us, our cats are our babies. Kitty has been with me since I first moved to Calgary; and has been my BHF (Best Hairless Friend) for almost a decade. He's seen me through breakups, makeups, job changes and the entire pandemic. It's breaking my heart to even write about this, but it's life & it sucks & we all die so whatever.

I will be making a series of soaps available throughout the summer from which ALL sales go towards Kitty's vet bill & (most likely) end-of-life care. This is the reality of entrepreneurship- and as depressing as it is, it's a perfect example of how supporting local means REAL SUPPORT for REAL PEOPLE.

When you choose local creators over corporations, you're not just a dollar amount on a bottom line. You're the reason for the food on our table. You're the reason our son can join extracurriculars. You're the reason we are able to give our senior cats a loving & caring home for their final days.

You owe us nothing, and we are grateful to you for everything.


It's Market Madness!

It's no secret that we LOVE attending local events; as a small business, community engagement & support is high on our list of priorities. Getting the chance to meet new friends (& make new enemies) is a privilege, and what better way to do that than participate in local markets & pop-ups. Here is a list of events you can find us at this month; see you soon!

5pm to 10pm

10th Ave + 10th St

June 11th: River Market YYC

11am to 4pm

Holy Cross Centre, 2nd St

4pm to 10pm

917 Centre Ave NE

June 17 + 18th: Calgary Horror-Con

11am to 7pm daily

Doubletree Hotel NE

June 25th: River Market YYC

11am to 4pm

Holy Cross Centre, 2nd St

And just in case you want even more reason to celebrate, here is a great list of all the special holidays in June! (National Movie Night? Yes please!)


L4L: Local 4 Local Love

We love local, and we love love! So here's some local love for the lovely locals we love to love. Love it!

We got the chance to try these INCREDIBLE cookies when we attended the River Market recently, and you need to listen when I tell you to order IMMEDIATELY.

The "Ugly Twix" sample was perfection. As a Twix fan myself, it totally took the texture & flavour I like and combined it into a cookie- but without all the "cookie-ness" you'd expect. It was moist, it was chewy, it was divine.

Next we had the "Dunkaroo" cookie, and this is for all my millennial misfits! Remember what a treat it was to get the confetti Dunkaroos in your lunch? I always dipped the cookies lightly and saved the big glob of icing for the very end... And now I don't have to! THIS COOKIE IS AMAZING. It's like a shortbread with confetti & drizzle on top, and then you bite into it and BOOM! STUFFED WITH DUNKAROO ICING. Does it get any better than that? Nope.

So do yourself a favour & order a box today... you're welcome.


There you have it folx; a not-at-all-comprehensive collection of ramblings for June. I hope I've sufficiently ruined everyone's day, and I wish you all the best for summer. Don't forget to follow us on on social media to keep up-to-date on all things Indecent!

Stay weird,

Khira + fam

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